[01] you must be a fan of hide, and, preferably, hide with spread beaver.

[02] you don't have to give your real name when you fill out the join form but names like 'hIdE___WiV___sPrEaD___bEaVeR___GuRl' will not be accepted. i will edit your name if it isn't within the rules.

[03] you must give your real email address when filling out the join form, because if you do not then you cannot be contected for special members updates and news that may be sent to you.

[04] please state your real country when filling out the join form.

[05] if you have a website and would like to put a link up to odeo cowboys on it, please do so within 7 days of joining the fanlisting. if you do not do so then i will not put a link back to you on odeo cowboys.

[06] do not direct link to any of the codes on this site. if you do then the link back to your site will be removed from odeo cowboys.

[07] i will not accept any kind of derogitory treatment between members on this site. if you are racist / sexist / homophobic or anything within this nature then you will be warned and if i have linked you then said link will be removed.

now go and join 8D